Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains all the most important questions and answers related to working with a Senior Relocation Specialist. Contact us anytime for a quote!

What makes Smooth Transitions the premier senior relocation service?


Smooth Transitions has spent over 20 years perfecting the art and process of moving senior citizens. We intimately understand the deep emotional impact of such challenges such as downsizing, parting with household items, deciding how and where to preserve family heirlooms and much, much more.

What makes Smooth Transitions different from a typical moving company?

Quality vs speed.

Where a typical moving company focuses on how 'fast' they can pack up a house and transport the items to a new location, Smooth Transitions is focused on making moving as gracious as possible while paying extra attention to how people 'feel' about what items they wish to keep, pass onto their children, sell at auction, or donate.

How is senior relocation different from regular moving?

Care, Compassion and Patience.

Our needs change as we age. Sometimes part of that change includes downsizing to more manageable living quarters. We provide solutions throughout the entire relocation process from space planning to setting up the new home to dispersing items that aren’t moving with you.

Can I benefit from your services even if I'm not relocating?

Absolutely, yes.

It is far more beneficial to prepare for a possible future move well in advance than it is to take on the challenge when it's already too late. We are happy to help you organize your home, make it safer to live in, reduce overwhelming clutter, and so much more.

Is there a minimum age requirement to get help?

No minimum age required.

We provide our services to people at any age or circumstance and have often found ourselves helping those who are simply overwhelmed with the process of organizing large households or preparing for emotionally difficult tasks such as preparing for an estate sale.

How much notice do we need to give for relocation services?

As much as possible.

While advance notice is certainly helpful for planning and ensuring the smoothest possible transition, we do not "require" notice in order to help you and your family. If available, we are happy to assist with expedited services for emergency needs.

How much do your services cost?

Pricing is based on time and supplies needed and can vary widely.

However, we do have case studies that include detailed outlines of services provided as well as the costs associated with them in addition to photos showing the process.